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Program Evaluation
As agencies and organizations become more concerned about the effectiveness of their programs and policies, program evaluations involving process and outcome analyses are becoming an integral part of program management.  Program evaluation provides the strategic information decision-makers need on myriad issues in community health. 

Wisconsin Community Health Alliance (WCHA) offers methodological, as well as subject-matter, expertise in designing and managing evaluation efforts, delivering technical assistance, and analyzing data for funders and their community-based organization grantees.  WCHA uses a participatory approach to develop and implement customized evaluation approaches.  This involves collaboration with team members, consultants, client organizations, and funders to develop project plans, document evaluation goals, identify outcomes to be measured, select measurement tools, establish timing and processes for data collection, perform analyses, and advise on reporting and program adjustments to improve effectiveness. 

WCHA prioritizes developing efficient designs for rigorous and relevant evaluations.  Knowing the context in which information will be used is essential to meaningful evaluation.  We offer the following program evaluation services:

  • Develop and refine evaluation questions and conceptual frameworks that guide evaluation efforts.
  • Design and implement process evaluations that provide ongoing feedback on program performance.
  • Design and implement outcome evaluations.
  • Gather data through:
- Qualitative techniques (ethnography, focus groups, in depth interviews),
- Quantitative techniques (mail, web-based, telephone, and in-person surveys; structured observations), and
- Use of secondary data sources (conducting research syntheses, analyzing administrative and other secondary data).
  • Combine qualitative and quantitative methods to enhance understanding of programs.
  • Disseminate results to key stakeholders through reports, presentations, expert testimony, and recommendations.
As well as designing and conducting evaluations, WCHA offers training in evaluation design and implementation and provides technical assistance in all phases of a project evaluation from conceptualization to analysis and reporting. 

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