Wisconsin Community Health Alliance - Building healthy communities together.
About Us
Wisconsin Community Health Alliance (WCHA) was established in 2012 to support the development of healthy communities through tackling some of society's most daunting problems, including substance abuse and obesity.  Through community planning and skills development in effective community health approaches, WCHA supports communities in learning about society's most compelling health issues and subsequently supporting them to find sustainable solutions. 
Dorothy J. Chaney, M.Ed -  President
The founder and president of Wisconsin Community Health Alliance is Dorothy Chaney, M.Ed., who has considerable experience in non-profit management, adult education and community health improvement and planning.  In addition to being the proprietor of the WI Community Health Alliance, Dorothy is also a contract trainer with the Center for Applied Prevention Technology, which is a part of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.  Dorothy served as Chairperson of the Controlled Substances Work group which produced the landmark document “Responding To Wisconsin’s Prescription Drug Abuse Crisis:  A Call To Action.”  Dorothy serves on the Wisconsin State Council on Alcohol and other Drug Abuse Prevention Committee Chaney has more twenty years of experience in community organizing, adult education, and substance abuse prevention work.   Dorothy is the former program manager of the Northwoods Coalition which is the largest and oldest network of substance abuse prevention coalitions in Wisconsin.  Prior to moving to Wisconsin in 2006, Ms. Chaney served as the State Executive Director for MADD in Minnesota. Dorothy is originally from Nova Scotia and currently resides in Marshfield with her two daughters.

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